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Crime Squirrel Investigators Book Launch

Thanks to everyone who came along to Waterstones to celebrate the launch of my new book Crime Squirrel Investigators: The Naughty Nut Thief, published by Little Door Books and illustrated by Giulia Cregut.


Photographer extraordinaire Chris Scott came along too and he took some brilliant photos. Thank you Chris! Here’s the launch, in photo highlights…

It began with an introduction from publisher Alan Windram:

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

Then I introduced myself and the Italian Illustrator, Giulia Cregut. I pointed to the banner because the two of us look quite similar to the two squirrels, see above! (yup, I’m the larger squirrel!)

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

And then we set the scene for the story, guessing objects from the forest. If you’d like to hold a giant Ameican pine cone that’s bigger then your head… come to an event soon!

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

We listened to the sound of the forest and then four volunteers helped make the smell of the forest, here’s one of them in action, wafting the pine oil with a fan…

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

Then it was time for the story of the Naughty Nut Thief. Crime Squirrel Investigators Rosie and Charlie investigate three prime suspects after Rosie’s secret nut store is ransacked!

Crime Squirrel Investigators launchThen it was time for a red squirrel true or false quiz, make a ‘T’ or an ‘F’ with your body:

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

Then Rosie the naughty water squirter popped out to meet everyone, I definately look like a squirrel here:

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

Then my lovely friend Elspeth Murray came up to help Alan with actions. And we taught everyone the Beyoncé squirrel song, here we all are dancing!

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

And more actions!

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

Then we learnt more about one of the prime suspects, the wood mouse with a camouflage demonstration:

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

Next it was time for hip-hop with the great spotted woodpecker rap, yep I really did rap as a woodpecker. Thankfully everyone else joined in with beats and actions:

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

I was a bit scared about rapping (it’s new for me) but thankfully we had a professional drummer, Ruairdh Graham from Niteworks to keep us all in time! He also made me practice beforehand – thanks Ru!

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

Then it was time for a couple more picture quizzes, look at the shell and guess who ate the nut. All based on the real nut munching animal science the book is based on:

NUT-HUNTINGAnd the finale was a song about nuts! Again thanks to Elspeth and Alan for actions:

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

Then it was Q and A time, I got to sit down at last. This looks like a serious question:

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch And so does this:

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch
Hurrrah! It was all over:

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

There were thankyous and the book signing:

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

And that was it! I want to say a big thanks to Elspeth Murray for chairing and action support (she got flowers) and to Lindsey Fraser my agent from Fraser Ross Associates (she got flowers but she’d gone to the ballet by then!) and to Ruairdh Graham for beats (he got beer) and to Giulia Cregut for illustrations and to Alan Windram and Susan Windram at Little Door Books for publishing the book.

Thanks to my pals Amy, Anna, Jenny and Mel for serving drinks!

Thanks to Waterstones West End Edinburgh for hosting and to all you people who came, there were over 100 guests and we sold out – it meant so much to have your support for the book (and such enthusiastic actions!).

Crime Squirrel Investigators launch

Thank you to Chris Scott for taking these photos. I dedicated Ollie and the Otter to Chris because he encourages so many with his brilliant pictures. If you enjoyed these photographs, you might like the Can’t-Dance-Cameron book launch photos or The Grouse and the Mouse book launch photos

If you would like a Crime Squirrel Investigators event at your school or book festival, you can apply for Live Literature funding from the Scottish Book Trust here and find my author profile here


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CSI: The Naughty Nut Thief Cover Reveal

I’m super excited to reveal the front cover of my soon to be published book!


It’s beautifully illustrated by Italian illustrator Giulia Cregut and published by Little Door Books on the 1st May 2019.

Rosie’s secret hazelnut store has been ransacked and her best friend Charlie agrees to help her to find the naughty nut thief. The crime squirrel investigators only have left-over nutshells as a clue, so they watch the different ways the three main suspects eat hazelnuts to try to solve the crime. Help the two squirrels discover the naughty nut thief and learn about the different ways animals eat nuts along the way!

I hear I’ll get advance copies of the book any day now (so excited!) and I’m all set to record the audio book in a couple of weeks. You’ll be invited to the book launch in Edinburgh in May. It will include water squirting squirrels, science and songs!

If you can’t make that I’ll be at festivals and events throughout the year so you’ll hopefully see me and the squirrels soon!

Crime Squirrel Investigators: The Naughty Nut Thief can be pre-ordered now from all good book stores.

UPDATE: Get tickets to the book launch on 2nd May here.


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Annual General Review: 2012

At the beginning of 2012 I was feeling a little bit nervous about the year ahead so I wrote my first annual general review. I’d just left the security of a permanent job to become a full-time freelancer and I didn’t know how things would work out. I hoped looking back would give me some confidence.

This year it’s different; I’m beginning the year with warmth. Quite literally – there’s a wood burning stove crackling away beside me. It’s new and I love it. I don’t have central heating so I’ve spent the last five winters feeling a little cold. Now, at last! I can afford to be a bit warmer.


I’m beginning 2013 with an inner warmth too. Perhaps it’s an assurance that things do work out when you step out in faith. Or a warmth that says it’s worth making sacrifices to pursue the things you really feel called to do.

I’m not long back from Kidscreen in New York. It’s a big children’s TV market (I wrote about it here) full of people from all over the world with ideas. They‘re there because they want to make something beautiful and something they believe in. It reminded me that life really is too short not to go for it!

And now to look back over 2012, here are my highlights. Click on the links to read more.

Children’s TV Commissions

  • Writing 5 new series treatments for CBeebies science show Nina and the Neurons
  • Developing 4 new science programmes for CBeebies
  • Storylining 5 episodes for CBeebies science show Nina and the Neurons
  • Screenwriting 2 episodes of CBeebies science show Nina and the Neurons
  • Developing an Eco Comedy Drama for Visible Ink Television (and writing the show bible)
  • Working with CBeebies online on an exciting new science project


Training Commissions


Audio and Video Production 

Live Performances

  • Featured Poet at Blind Poetics at the Blind Poet, Edinburgh
  • Storyteller for Electric Tales at the Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh
  • One of Ten Performance Poets with a ten minute slot at Ten Red, Edinburgh
  • Spoken Word Artist / Storyteller during the Scottish Mental Health and Arts Film Festival at the Lapidus event at Kelvingrove Art Gallery, Glasgow
  • Featured Poet at ‘Pea Green Poetry’ Fundraiser Gig for Theatre Paradox at Looking Glass Books
  • Performer at Happy Verse Night, Inky Fingers and Illicit Ink event at Pulp Fiction Books, Edinburgh
  • Performer at The Portobello Book Festival Opening Gala: The Library at Night (wrote a stop frame animation script for a competition)
  • Science and Poetry Poet and Ukulele performer (Inky Fingers Minifest during the Fringe Festival)
  • Digital Storytelling Workshop at Social Media for Social Good conference (Live streamed)
  • Guest speaker at the Literary Salon (speaking about Readers in Residence)
  • Recycler / jar washer on the council recycling promotional videos (featuring my hands!)

Electric Tales: April Thrills

I was almost physically sick before my first comedy performance. I was so nervous but I actually really enjoyed it once we got started -the audience were fab. Here’s a Chris Scott photo to prove I really did it (thanks Chris).  Find previous and upcoming gigs here.

For the Love of It (Voluntary Work)

  • Commissioned by Artist Alastair Cook as one of twenty poets to write a piece of flash fiction for his PechaKucha film project ‘Twenty Second Film Poem
  • Cycled down Leith Walk with camera attached to my bike basket to make an Indiana Jones style adventure film about the terrible potholes.
  • Volunteered as a social reporter at the Poverty Assembly
  • Wrote my last blog for Greener Leith in August 2012 after 2 years of volunteering (70 blogs in total!).
  • Organised some get-togethers for freelancers called Freelance Friday
  • Wrote my first stop frame animation script as part of a call for submissions on the theme of ‘The Library at Night’. It was selected to be performed at the Portobello Book Festival Opening Event.
  • Helped to lead a weekly community group in Leith (that’s ongoing)
  • Continued as trustee of the Speygrian Education Trust (artists, scientist, writers and educators interested in outdoor learning) and helped them to set up twitter and Facebook

I was one of 12 writers to be selected to take part in the CBBC Lab, a competitive entry training course on how to write for CBBC run over 4 days by the Scottish Book Trust and BBC Scotland. It was brilliant.

Outdoor Adventures


Things I Started

Things I tried  

  • Sick Kids Writer in Residence
  • Heliotrope Writing Residency
  • Olympics related poetry job with West Lothian Council
  • To get mentoring with The Scottish Book Trust
  • Internet dating

This is just to point out I’m definitely not successful at everything. There are plenty of things I hope for but I keep learning and trying. I applied for 2 residences before I got the one I’m doing now at the library but this one is just perfect for me so it goes to show things often work out for the best in the end.

People Who Really Inspired Me

  • Elspeth Murray, a wonderful freelance poet. My poetry mentor and friend.
  • Peter Hynes, a brilliant screenwriter and creative thinker. My screenwriting mentor
  • Josh Selig, creative genius and President of Little Airplane Productions. Encourager.
  • The women in my writer’s group, wonderful talented Marianne Paget and Mairi Wilson
  • Sara Harkins, Head of BBC Scotland Children’s. Sara is wonderful.

I want to thank the people above as well as everyone I’ve worked with in 2012.  Also to my friends and family and to everyone who’s supported me on this journey – you’ve been amazing!

2013: What’s ahead?

The good news is I’m booked up with commissions and projects until early September. So far I’ve completed my tax return, got a stove put in and I’ve been to New York to pitch some kids’ TV shows for Visible Ink Television.

I’m working 2.5 days a week at Leith Library as Reader in Residence. Over the next few months I’ll be writing the Leith Library blog and working with teenagers to make podcasts about young adult fiction. I’ll also be supporting the library staff as they get blogging too.

The library part of my residency finishes in June and then I have three months where I still get paid but I do my own practice. What’s that? Well… I’m considering:

  • Starting a series of science related young adult novels; I have 13 planned.
  • Rewriting my first attempt at a sitcom using feedback from the BBC and screenwriter Adrian Mead
  • Writing picture books. I showed drafts of a science series idea to Agent Lucy Juckes in 2012 so I’ll work on her suggestions.
  • Cycling around Scottish Libraries on a ‘Banana Me Beautiful on a Bike’ book tour. My paperback should be out by then and I’d like to go on a journey and help to promote positive mental health.


This March (a sample month):

I start working as a digital storyteller with older people in Govan for the Britain from Above Project – can’t wait for that!

I’m writing some episodes on commission for CBeebies (that’s secret – will blog about it when I can).

I’m visiting Flora Stevenson Primary P1 classes for their Book Week – hurrah for children!

I’m working for Third Sector Lab to create audio and video content and run a training session for the 2013 Poverty Assembly. Ross is brilliant, looking forward to working with him again and on something so worthwhile.

I’m working with P6 and P7 in Mid Lothian to help them to create Haikus for their litter bins (for the Scottish Poetry Library).

I’m developing and pitching some ideas to promote fish in nurseries on commission from Seafish (the fishing industry) with writer John Stoddart.

And I’m working at the library – I love it!


So as you can see it’s pretty busy.

I’m looking forward to working with Elspeth Murray at the Solas Festival in June and with artist Alastair Cook on the Dunbar North Lights Arts Project in August.

One of my best friends gets married in September, so can’t wait for that (and I need to organise a hen do).

Hopes for 2013

I’m hoping to do the Great North Swim in the Lake District in June with my friend Judith. I hate wearing a swimming costume and I figured training will force me to overcome that fear. Plus I’ve never been to the Lake District and I like Judith. I also ate too much chocolate over Christmas. And exercise helps with creativity. I’m trying to talk myself into this!

I’ve written four children’s TV science shows so I’ll be pitching them to channels and independent production companies in 2013. I’ve especially enjoyed working with puppeteer Josh Elwell (and Bounce) on one of these shows so I do hope we make it!


Hopes for the Future….. I want

  • to encourage others.
  • to have an ideas box that I add to throughout the year.
  • to make one day a week my day for writing.
  • to write a list of things I’m thankful for every night.
  • to go walking more.
  • to start painting again.

I don’t want to EVER stop doing things that scare me.

And One Day..

I’d like to write an episode of Doctor Who and a bunch of books and some screenplays. I’d like to live in an eco home in the mountains with a cat and a man and perhaps some kids.

Finally a few numbers from 2012….

Blog posts on this blog (40), Blog posts produced for Leith Library (30), blog posts produced for Greener Leith (8), Dog Poo and Litter Films made (6)guest blogs I wrote (4)Cocktail naming competitions won (1) and I attended 4 weddings and a funeral.

Read my annual general review of 2011 here.


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Annual General Review: 2011

2011 was a roller coaster. It began with a freezing cold jump into the Firth of Forth and ended with my 30th birthday. In between I published my first book, wrote and presented a CBeebies pilot, appeared in a fringe show, performed at my first book festival, won a couple of awards and near the end of the year I resigned from my job to become a full-time freelancer.

I’ve done things I never imagined I could do and I’ve felt like a passenger holding on for dear life. It’s been exciting, it’s been scary and it’s been hard. At times I know I’ve forgotten to enjoy the ride. I’ve struggled with finances, relationships, self-confidence and health. I’ve spent most of the year outside my comfort zone but I’m learning that’s the best place to be.

Right now I’m a little apprehensive about the year ahead so I’m reviewing 2011 in top fives, I hope this will help me to make new plans and look forward to 2012. If you want to find out a bit more just click on a link.

5 things I started..
The Zero Waste Podcast series began with the journey of waste, I travelled from bin to landfill (and retched).


5 things I made..

  • A CBeebies pilot with BBC Scotland (finished in the summer)
  • Films as a Freelancer (May and June)
  • A poetic declaration of love to the Number 10 Eco Bus
  • Snowmen out of socks with kids on the canal (Dec)
  • Podcasts, loads of them! (all year)

5 awards..

5 live performances..

You can watch the live stream of my fringe show or listen to my West Port Book Festival event as a podcast, click on the links above for more. Thanks to Chris Scott who took the photo below at the West Port Book Festival.

Edinburgh Books

5 close encounters of the animal kind..

Lots of birds! I was surprised to see my campaign to persuade locals to do the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch in the Guardian and I later received a letter of thanks from the head of media at the RSPB! It was only after this that the blackbird started to terrorise my nights…


5 interviews..

I’ve been excited and nervous when people have wanted to interview me. Massive thanks to all of you – you’ve really encouraged me. Thanks to STV local and Edinburgh Reporter for additional interviews too. For the record I’ve never been called a ‘digital maven’ or appeared on an international poetry podcast or been filmed by the Guardian before so I’m still not quite sure how this all happened! Here’s the Guardian film, it’s a project where I designed ‘heroes at home’ engagement cards and masks to encourage pupils and parents to reduce waste.

5 things I finished..

  • Snowboarding (February)
  • My first book, Banana Me Beautiful (March)
  • Paying for my bike on the cycle to work scheme (May)
  • My first three years of a fixed rate mortgage (August)
  • Working for Changeworks (September)
Snowboarding stopped when I flipped over and head butted an Italian mountain. The hospital was an experience “Un-dresse!” they commanded and I started taking my clothes off. “No what is your addressa!”. It’s funny now but I wasn’t laughing when I had to wear a neck brace. After four years of boarding, I’ve had enough. At least I had time to read and take these photos.
Vodpod videos no longer available.
Sestriere, Italy, posted with vodpod

5 adventures..

Loony Dook Video

5 things I tried..

  • Scottish Book Trust Mentoring Scheme
  • Edinburgh Book Festival Story Shop
  • Jesting About 2: BBC Comedy Competition
  • Get a Squiggle On: BBC Script Competition
  • Love
I want to point out there were plenty of things that didn’t happen but it’s all part of learning and growing. I hope this will encourage you not to give up if you experience a knock-back. One exciting development is that I do now have a mentor but not through the Scottish Book Trust, it’s the wonderful Elspeth Murray!
5 things I became..
  • Trustee of Speygrian network
  • Co-chair of Edinburgh and Lothians Regional Environmental Education Forum
  • Facilitator for a weekly Community Group
  • A full-time Freelancer
  • An aunty (for the fourth time)

5 hopes for the future

  • Make my CBeebies pilot into a BBC series
  • Publish a picture book
  • Get better at the ukulele
  • Make freelancing work and collaborate too
  • Use my creativity to make the world a better place

Finally here are a few more numbers from 2011….

blog posts produced for Greener Leith (48), podcasts made (30), blog posts on this blog (26), films made as a freelancer (9), guest blogs I wrote (8)workshops on National Poetry Day (6), blogs I wrote about Mooncups, yikes! (5)Films I made for fun (3), Awards presented to schools (2), times I performed poetry on the street due to ‘venue problems’ (2) and I attended 4 weddings and a funeral.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been part of my 2011. Your support and encouragement have made my year possible. And for those friends who drank tea and laughed with me, you know who you are, you’re wonderful (:


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West Port Thanks and One Regret..

Thank you for neighing like horses, buzzing like bees, chirping like birds and shouting “HAPPY BIRTHDAY OWL!” as if you really were popping out from behind a tree at a surprize birthday party. Audience at Edinburgh Books, you transformed a Thursday evening in a cosy old bookshop into a magical forest.

Edinburgh Books

If you weren’t in the forest, you can see Chris Scott’s photos here and listen to event podcast here.

I had a few sleepless nights in nervous anticipation of the event so it was wonderful to see some familiar faces smiling back at me. Old friends, new ones, people I’ve met through social media, Miss Broadly from Flora Stevenson Primary (I met her the week before when running poetry workshops with her pupils) and lots of unfamiliar smiley faces too.

Downton Ladies

They were there, Anna, Adele and Lorna, each in a different place, each with a different friend. Lorna volunteered to throw the giant dice and Adele responded to a last-minute request for a banana (I needed it as a prop). On Sunday night we watch Downton Abbey together with hot Chocolate, treats and blankets, it’s great! Thanks Ladies (:

News and Reviews

Thanks to Phyllis at the Edinburgh Reporter for having me round for tea the day before to record this audio interview and preview for the festival. Thanks to Colin Galbratraith for coming along, joining in and writing such a brilliant review. Thanks to Ally Tibbitt for writing about The Edinburgh Reporter interview, Colin’s review (and near fatal fall) and the podcast in a blog round up for STV local.

West Port Staff

The West Port Book Festival team were amazing, huge thanks to Peggy Hughes and everyone else for looking after me and putting on such an excellent weekend of events.

Happy Memories

The festival holds many more happy memories for me. Janis Galloway’s fascinating talk, chatting with a brilliant new science teacher Su in the Travis. I met Erica who had stood on a banana slug. Erica’s University Emblem was also, the Banana Slug! For those who weren’t at the event, the first poem in my book is one I wrote when I was nine about an imaginary banana slug. Turns out the slug is real.

Say Hello

West Port Book Festival is the first event I’ve been to where I’ve met people who’ve told me they wanted to come to speak to me to tell me how enjoyed my event, but they didn’t dare! I can safely say I was flabbergasted, it happened twice, in the Travis Bar and at the Closing Party.  Maybe if you’re a famous person you get sick of people talking to you but I’m not famous and I was totally delighted to hear someone enjoyed my event. It’s lovely meeting new people and finding out more about them so for the record, if you’re someone I don’t know, I’d like to say hello!

One Regret: Table Tennis

At the West Port Closing Party I played Ping Pong with an old friend, Edd McCracken. I wanted to play nicely, to try to get a long rally going, to play and chat, but no, spins, trick shots and smashed balls were hurtling towards me at rocket speed.

After a few initial protests like “that was fast?” or “you’re spinning it!?” I gave up on playing a ‘nice social game’ and started to fight back. Years of monopoly, pool, connect four and table tennis raced through my mind. Back then I wasn’t allowed to stop playing “Emily will only play if she wins, bad loser!.” I was forced to compete and forced to lose by a sister six years older.

Edd suggested we played first to 7, beat me 7-1 and left. At this point some of the lovely booky people came to the table, to play doubles. There were only two bats between us so we tried phones, they were too small. I grabbed a West Port Programme, it was too weak, four west port programmes, slightly better.

I found myself reaching across my partner Dave Poems to return the ball before he got a chance, I apologised as soon as I’d done it but I kept doing it. And then came the smash, would a pile of West Port Book Festival Programmes cut it on the table?

Whoosh went my programmes, BANG went the ball, narrowly missing Peggy Hughes’s ear and I…. grinned. Soon after she made an excuse about not wanting her pint to get flat and left the table. I realised I shouldn’t be playing and left too.

I could blame my sister, or Edd but really it was all me. Sorry to my table tennis partners. I’d temporarily forgotten about nice social games!

I also blogged about the West Port Book Festival before it happened here.


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West Port Book Festival 2011

I’m really looking forward to being part of the West Port Book Festival 2011. It takes place in second-hand book shops, art spaces and pubs in West Port and Tollcross, Edinburgh. Here’s what it’s all about (from their website):

“Our aim has been to offer free events to a diverse audience who share our passion for books, bookshops and fun. We have also been creative, dipping into the dressing up box, casting our eye around for new talent and transforming local shops into intimate, innovative venues.” 

There are loads of exciting and unusual events this year from getting your old books mended by a Book Doctor to meeting a Doctor Who writer. As well as a whole host of brilliant Authors there’s a tea dance, an open mic night, new gaelic fiction, nibbles and a chance for you to release your really bad writing in a therapy session.

I’m part of the line up on the 13th October, 8.30pm at Edinburgh Books. Here’s what the programme says:

“Storyteller, podcast/film maker, scientist, entertainer, singer and poet, there’s no-one quite like puffin-loving banana fan Emily Dodd and her magical blend of song, story and poem. Edward Lear, Dr Seuss and A. A. Milne collide in what promises to be a joyous hour for the young and young at heart alike.”

I was really excited when Peggy Hughes sent the above text through and asked if I was OK with it, the answer was most definitely a yes! Peggy is the Festival Programme Director and she’s also the Communications Officer at the Scottish Poetry Library. I first met Peggy when she came to my Banana me beautiful book launch with Colin Fraser in July. It’s hard for me to take in that the programme is talking about me, I read it and think “she sounds good, I’d like to go and see her” and I can’t quite make the leap in my head that she… is me.

You can collect a programme from one of the venues or view it online here. There’s a funky mobile phone app too. For tickets email I’m making an extra programme for my event, it will include all original artwork, photos and a postcard of a depressed banana in prison, like my fringe programme.

I attended the official West Port Programme Launch last week in Edinburgh Books with cake, wine, great chat and short speeches. Mister Tollcross wrote about the launch here, I enjoyed the evening. It was good to see the lovely Sara Sheridan again, she’s in West Port too.  Sara helped me to plan my book launch and read one of my stories ‘Owl’s Birthday’ at it, brilliant. There were space raiders crisps at the launch so here’s a spacey version of a photo I took.

My event is listed in The List Magazine with a slightly different write-up, they describe me as a ‘Eco Activist’, I think they’ve been reading Greener Leith. Thanks to The List for including me.

The Edinburgh Reporter have compiled an excellent list of 5 things to go and see in the West Port Book Festival, thanks for including me in your top 5 Edinburgh Reporter.

I recommend you see it all…


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Goodbye Changeworks

Friday was my last day at environmental organisation Changeworks.

I’ve been working in the Waste Prevention department for two years. It’s been a total pleasure to work in a passionate and creative team with people I now consider as friends as well as colleagues.

Kathleen my manager made this leaving card, our magic words are ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ so she came up with a new 3 R’s for me (brilliant!). We take worms to nurseries so she’s drawn our wormery (worm house) and me on a banana (we feed banana skins to the worms and sing about in the composting song). My new book is called ‘Banana me beautiful’ and includes artwork of bananas that are people so this card is totally genius!

Thanks to Changeworks for such a great send off, I absolutely love the heather, scarf and butterfly necklace (and love that I was told it’s like I’m flying off as a butterfly, awww!) and it was a lovely night of drinks, food and demonstrating how bad we are at guessing whisky (all I can say is it’s not Laphroaig, and it was…laphroaig!).

My job at Changeworks

I worked visiting Edinburgh schools delivering assemblies, workshops and storytelling. I encouraged schools to finish their food with Mr Silly Sausage, trained eco teams to be Zero Waste Heroes and made paper and compost in bottles. I also spent time developing new resources, organising events, managing projects, writing press releases and writing for the Changeworks website. I delivered training to teachers and local authorities too.

I started full-time at Changeworks in September 2009. In February 2010 I reduced my hours to 4 days a week to have a day to focus on writing. A year later in March 2011 I reduced my hours further to 2.5 days a week and finally decided to make the difficult decision to be a full-time freelancer (yikes!). Changeworks have been incredibly supportive, when my CBeebies programme was taken into development Evelyn brought out the champagne and colleagues later came along to my CBeebies premiere and to my book launch. I am so grateful to them for all their encouragement.


There are so many to choose from, here’s my top 10:

On that note, does change work?

Working for Changeworks has totally revolutionised my thinking. I wrote a poem about Energy Saving Light bulbs in response to this change and even jumped in the sea on the 1st January to try to persuade people to consider green new years resolutions. If you knew me before I worked at Changworks, you’ll know this is a big change!

What’s next?

Thankfully this is not really ‘Goodbye Changeworks’. I’ve been working for Changeworks on a freelance basis making films and audio. I’m glad to say this looks set to continue. I’m currently producing a fuel-efficient driving audio feature for the Energy Saving Scotland Advice Centre and making Greenerleith Zero Waste Podcasts that involve Changeworks projects too.

What’s next for me aside from that? Well that’s another blog post…


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