The Grouse and the Mouse: First Reviews

13 Aug


A friend sent me this lovely picture of her girls, Poppy and Evie, reading the Grouse and the Mouse. She also sent me some audio clips of them reviewing the book. It was so lovely to hear their voices and I thought you might enjoy them too.

Click the orange play buttons below:

The Grouse and the Mouse, illustrated by Kirsteen Harris-Jones is my second picture book and it just came out last month so these were my first reviews. It’s a bit scary having a new book come out and not being sure what everyone will think of it, so it’s really encouraging to get some feedback from readers.

I had this text message from my friend Judith:

Some feedback from 19m old Grace on the Grouse and the Mouse, written by her mummy – Thank you very much for the book. Grace loves it. She made me read it to her 4 times this morning and when Bagpipe flies into the fence she shouts ‘no!’ x

I’ve also had a couple of nice reviews on Amazon, one on Lothian Life Magazine and one on Armadillo:

A delightfully funny and heartwarming story of two very unusual friends, animals who learn to understand their differences and work together. Charming illustrations luring the reader into the beauty of the Scottish countryside add to the appeal.

Huge thanks to everyone who’s been buying, reading and reviewing The Grouse and the Mouse!

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