Make Your Own Log Book Stand

08 Oct

My favourite cafe in Edinburgh, The Haven Cafe agreed to sell copies of my new book Can’t-Dance-Cameron (hurrah!). The problem was they didn’t have anything to put it in. So I decided to try to make a stand. Here’s how I did it.

Step 1: Find a suitable half log

20141003_131547 (1)

I happened to have a good half log in my flat. It was too big for my wood-burning stove and I’d been meaning to chop it up at some point. If you don’t have your own wood supply you can buy logs like this from garden centers, garages and shops like B & Q.

Step 2: Try to saw a wedge into it

I sawed for a long time and made very little progress. I think I used the wrong type of saw (the blue one above). You could try using a bow saw instead – read more about using one of those in my blog about wood foraging.

Step 3: Hammer and chisel a wedge into it


This was much more effective. I really enjoyed chiselling out the V shape wedge, section by section. I tested the book in it and changed the angle where I needed to. The book needed to stand up.

Step 4: Add a back support and label


The back support stops the book bending and doubles up as a place to attach a label. I have lots of bits of wood for kindling but you could always use a pencil or a piece of dowel if you don’t have scrap wood. I added a Can’t-Dance-Cameron sticker (read about the stickers here) to the lablel for the woodland theme.

Step 5: Add the book


I felt pleased with it, all that hard work was worth it – Cameron looks so at home on a log.

Step 6: Take books and stand to the cafe


The cafe loved the woodland display stand and found a perfect spot between the sunflowers and the gramophone.

Thanks to Natalie (pictured) at The Haven Cafe for selling Can’t-Dance-Cameron. Find the Haven on Facebook and Twitter.

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