Nina and The Neurons: Get Sporty

01 Aug

20140731_224951I’m off to see the athletics final in the Commonwealth Games today.

Around the time I’ll be arriving at Hampden Park, one of the episodes I’ve written of BBC Science show Nina and the Neurons will be broadcast on the CBeebies channel. It’s all about the science of gymnastics (why do we bend our knees when we land?).

The new series of Nina and the Neurons is called ‘Get Sporty’. It’s about the science behind sport and it’s been created to coincide with the Commonwealth Games. In each episode children investigate the science behind a sport with Nina through fun interactive experiments. One of the exciting things about this series is, we get to meet professional athletes in every episode too.


You can catch up on all of the episodes including the ones I’ve written on BBC Iplayer here.

Here’s when you can watch the episodes I’ve written live on the CBeebies channel:

Football: Wednesday 23rd July, Thursday 7th August: 4.15pm. Wednesday 15th October, 4.30pm

Sprinting: Monday 28th July, Thursday 14th August: 4.15pm. Wednesday 22nd Oct, 4.30pm

Gymnastics: Friday 1st August, Wednesday 20th August: 4.15pm. Tuesday 28th October, 4.30pm

I helped develop some of the ideas behind ‘Get Sporty’ in 2012 so I was really pleased to be asked to write on the series after it was commissioned. It’s amazing to now see it on TV.

I’m looking forward to going to Glasgow to see the athletics final too – especially now I know more about the science behind it.

Read about writing for previous series of Nina ‘Earth Explorers’ and ‘Go Engineering’.


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3 responses to “Nina and The Neurons: Get Sporty

  1. Susan Sugden

    August 2, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Nina is one of the few programmes I can get all 4 of my girls to watch (7,6,5 & 3). They are your friend tao’s cousins.


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