Kidscreen Summit 2013

04 Feb

I’m in New York! I’m here for Kidscreen 2013, it’s the worlds biggest kids entertainment industry conference. It’s at the Hilton Hotel and includes seminars, talks and even Zumba. Here’s the agenda.

Who comes to Kidscreen?

In 2012 there were:

  • 1,600 delegates
  • 46 countries represented
  • 350+ content buyers
  • 900+ producers/distributors

What am I doing here?

I’ve been developing a live action eco comedy drama for Visible Ink Television, it’s for children age 6 – 9 years. I’ll be meeting people during the conference to pitch the programme to them. I’m part of the British Delegation at Kidscreen too, there’s around 50 of us.

What’s coming up?

We kick off tonight with a party at Little Airplane Productions, Little Airplane make awesome preschool shows featuring singing potatoes (Small Potatoes), singing birds (Third and Bird) and singing super hero pets (Wonder Pets).

Kidscreen runs through to Friday night and then I’m heading on to The Academy at Little Airplane for 3 days of training.

Just now I’m researching the people I’m going to be pitching to and planning my agenda (and writing this blog!).

All Work and No Play?

I’ve been to New York City twice before so I’m not trying to pack too much sightseeing in this time. Saying that I’m in an amazing city and since I arrived on Saturday I’ve managed to say hello to Woody in Times Square:


I’ve pondered humanity while gazing from the rooftop terrace of my hotel:


And wondered are we pips? While standing in front of the big apple in the big apple:


I’ve been snowed on. I’ve eaten a burrito and I’ve smiled at the doughnut shaped soap in my sink (for the love of doughnuts). Speaking of doughnuts, the creator of the Simpsons is here, he’s the keynote speaker at Kidscreen.

I noticed fruit is much more expensive here, all fruit except for bananas! I brought two for less than 50c in celebration. I unpacked to discover I’d accidentally brought 8 pairs of tights with me, what was I thinking!?


I asked for lemonade to discover it’s a completely different drink. I enjoyed a Dr Tim Keller talk about unconventional heroes, irony, Les Miserables and Lord of the Rings. I went back to Times Square at night:


Hopes for the week?

I want to visit the Highline, an inner city park up in the sky on old railway lines. I want to do a spoken word open mic somewhere (any New Yorkers reading this – do let me know where’s good).

I’d like to have a wander round Central Park and see the snapping turtles.

Most of all I want to meet some brilliant creative people and make new connections.

If I sell the show I’m pitching I will go on a horse-drawn tour around central park in celebration. Otherwise I’m walking…

How am I feeling?

It’s my first Kidscreen so I’m a little nervous. I’ll be meeting lots of new and highly successful people.

What if I’m pitching and I accidentally spit on someone? Or I meet the creator of the Simpsons and notice I’ve spilled part of my lunch down my top? Or I could laugh and snort? I don’t usually do these things so I don’t know why I’m considering them. At the end of the day we’re all just people, regardless of our achievements. The person I’m pitching to could just as easily spit on my face and I wouldn’t mind.

I guess we’re all here to consider new ideas and to make money but most of all I’m here because I want to make something wonderful for children. So I can’t wait to get started at the party tonight, spitting, snorting and spillages aside. I just need to decide which pair of tights to wear…

If you’re on twitter you can follow all of the twitter action on the hashtag #KSS13. JAM Media Animation have put together a twitter list of delegates here. Anne Richards from No Crusts has published a great list of pickup lines to break the ice so if it’s your first time you could always try them…


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