Poetry, Science and Harry Baker

03 Aug

On Monday I’m performing at the Inky Fingers Minfest opening event, ‘Science and Poetry’. It takes place at Pulp Fiction Books on Bread Street, Edinburgh at 6.30pm. Here’s how Inky Fingers describe it:

Seven incredible spoken word artists present brave new explorations into strange worlds of experiential double helixes, the perfect sine wave bounce of squirrels, love between prime numbers, and more, all conducted to you, dear audience, via electric words and catalytic poetry.

There will be a robot called Sarah. There will be the startlingly incredible presence of Harry Baker, current World Slam Champion (and with that, probably a love poem to a dinosaur). There will be a geophysics hokey cokey. Hosted by yours truly, Rachel McCrum.

Just a few weeks back I wrote a blog trying to explain ‘What is Spoken Word?’. I posted a video of Harry Baker performing a bumble bee poem, he was my example of brilliance – the world poetry slam champion and I get to meet him, we’re in the same show! Harry if you’re reading this I hope I’m not freaking you out – you stayed with my fab friend Reuben over the festival a while back, he can vouch for my sanity.

This weekend I’ll be practicing the Ukulele version of the Geophysics Hokey Cokey. I’ll also be practicing Starling My Darling, Sine Wave Squirrel and a yet to be confirmed science experiment. I’d love for you to join me and the rest of us at Pulp Books and the event is free.

The Spoken Word Artists for the evening are Anne Connolly and Anna Dickie, Russell Jones, Kate Adamson, Sarah the Poetic Robot, Ruth Aylett, me and Harry Baker.

Read all about the event and the artists on the Inky Fingers Blog. RSVP to the Facebook event and check out the rest of the Inky Fingers Minifest Programme

Image Credit: Harry Baker Poetry

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