Fin Wycherley: Freelance Ghost

29 Apr

With lots to learn about my new freelance lifestyle I’ve decided to interview the people who make freelancing work. Some hints and tips from the masters, that kind of thing. Welcome to the fifth in the series, meet Fin Wycherley.

I first met Fin at a monthly get together for Edinburgh Freelancers, Freelance Friday. It’s been great getting to know her over the last few months, she’s one of the most social media savvy woman around. I always learn something new in a chat with Fin and recommend listening to her debating in the wee small hours. She’s entertaining, encouraging and interestingly…. she’s a ghost writer:

Fin has a background in law, direct marketing, speech writing, journalism, usability and business radio. She recently started her own business working as a Content Marketer helping companies increase their Google rankings and clients. She builds their social media network by producing content that is shareable, engaging, targeted, regular and branded. So if a business or entrepreneur is completely befuddled by the whole social media thang, Fin can take it off their hands completely (Fin doesn’t recommended this unless absolutely essential) or devise a cunning content marketing strategy and train them up on all the tools and platforms (Fin says this is much more sustainable and authentic).

How did you get started?
I kind of fell into it really. I had a pretty successful blog on arts and culture that had good circulation and local businesses were increasingly asking me for a hand or for tips and tricks for developing quality content. Eventually, when the advertising agencies came a-knocking, I realised my business had just landed in my lap.

The problem for the ad agencies was that they would set up their clients with the whole online merchandising, Twitter and Facebook infrastructure, with training and then the happy business would set off on their social media journey all enthusiastically.

Of course, within 3 weeks they’d run out of stuff to say. They quickly realised you can’t really ‘sell’ on social networking sites, so they were stumped as to what to say, without talking about breakfast and the weather and all that garbage.

That’s where the business name came from, Supersize Blogging. It’s all about taking the business blogs and social media and really supersizing them with cracking content including great photography, videos, design, keywords, etc.

If you could go back to when you started what advice would you give yourself?
Whoah, I’ve only been doing this for around 6 months or so, so it’s still early days. But I suppose I’d say, “Get a move on” cos even though the content marketing industry is pretty new, it’s growing very rapidly and clients are needing more and more support as they begin to see the benefits.

What do you like best about being a freelancer?
I work at the David Lloyd gym mostly and when I need a break, I go off and do a Tai Chi, Body Pump or Zumba class. Or on Fridays, I’ll just have a cheeky wee sauna, steam room and jacuzzi. These days, it’s getting even better cos the outdoor pool is now open and it’s such a thrill.

I don’t understand why more freelancers don’t come and work here. You can break out for a chat with others and there’s free wifi. Very sympa and half the price of working in an office.

What do you find most challenging about being a freelancer?
At first, it was managing my time, but that’s improving. Then there’s the billing and invoicing and accountancy bit which I’m working through. Plus I didn’t really have time to set up a business plan. Still don’t.

I guess that’s what you’d call a lean set up – bootstrapping and working out the kinks as you go along. Waaaaaay better than getting bogged down in funding, banks and public support.

How do you know when to stop working?
My family start shouting at me. My five kids get merciless when it’s diner time so I’ve just gotta be there. Luckily most of them are self-sufficient but they still like Mummy being around.

What do you do in your breaks?
Swim, etc as above.

Are you being paid to do what you love or do you do something else to finance what you love?
Oh yeah, totally loving this. It feels like I’ve always been developing targeted content at specific audiences that informs, educates and entertains. Plus I’m working alongside some very talented folk in video, web design, photography and graphic design, so it’s a real honour to learn from them and be inspired by them.

What are your top money saving tips?
Set up your office at David Lloyd (I’m not an affiliate). Fun, cheap, friendly and gets you fit.

What new projects are in the pipeline?
I’m working on a big contract with one of Scotland’s top law firms. I’m being flown down to London to deliver a one-hour inspirational speech with 20 mins Q&A. Yikes, but it will be immense. Plenty of clients moving down the sales funnel, and I’m looking to take on an extra pair of eyes / hands / brain over summer. Good times.

Follow Fin’s on twitter @FinWycherley, read her blog on and she’s also on FB, LinkedIn and all the usual social venues, including Pinterest, her new addiction!

If you’re an Edinburgh Freelancer why not join the next Edinburgh Freelance Friday on the second Friday of the month, 5.30pm at Sofi’s, Leith. More here

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