Don’t Forget to Stop and Be

08 Apr

There was a letter on the doormat, I didn’t recognise the handwriting. I opened it to discover, it was a letter from me.

It was written last summer on the Island of Tanera Mor as part of a Speygrian creative writing course. We wrote to remind our future selves of the time on the Island. I had forgotten so I really enjoyed reading and remembering. Here’s the letter:

Holidays are a time to slow down and enjoy the world, a time where we do get to stop and be. I’m just back from a trip to the highlands so here are some of those moments.

The red squirrels at Glenmore Cafe: My favourite cafe in the world. It’s high up in the trees of a pine forest and the birds and squirrels sit and eat peanuts right beside you. It’s a place where it’s easy to stop and be. Plus they do a good mug of tea, cake, soup and even chips. I took these photos with my mobile phone against the binoculars, was quite tricky to line everything up but I like the way the subjects are round:


A run through a pine forest: It was so lovely to run without the noise of cars. The air smelt clean, as though it was cleaning my lungs:

The Speyside Wildlife Dusk Watch: Here are a few more mobile phone pictures of the badgers. It was brilliant to watch them and see life unfolding. I think the badger’s bum is my favourite photo.


Watching the Loch Garten Osprey‘s: We went to try to spot the capercaillies but they weren’t in a dancing mood, despite out 5.30am arrival at the hide. We did however get to see the ospreys live on camera:

The Culbin Forest: We walked through the trees and climbed the sandunes to arrive at the beach. There were seals relaxing on a sand bank and tern’s plunge diving for fish. Here are a few more things that made me smile at Culbin.

Tree Sap that looked like Saturn: These trees hadn’t long been chopped down so the sap was fresh.

A bird auditioning for Strictly Come Dancing?:

The forest floor auditioning for the next muppet movie? (it’s actually rare lichen)

On one day we drove around a loch, climbed Cairngorm, sat with the squirrels in the Glenmore cafe and had a massively tasty evening meal, followed by a beer. Later that evening I got my notebook out and came up with three new CBBC programme ideas. I’d spent a whole month on the CBBC Lab working on ideas but these seemed to be my best yet and I hadn’t even planned to come up with them. It made me realise when we give ourselves time, space and freedom to explore our minds are free to explore too.

Don’t forget to stop and be, don’t forget to dream.


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3 responses to “Don’t Forget to Stop and Be

  1. belledelettres

    April 8, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Particularly ,important when you are freelance!


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