Football and Poetry

15 Sep

We’re playing football on the meadows, the sky is blue and it smells of autumn. An almost perfect evening until…


I retired to the nearest bench. The game went on.

I took off my boot and tried to rub my foot back into normality.

It was frustrating, I wanted to play but my foot hurt.

Eventually, I stopped focusing on my foot. I looked around.

Arthurs Seat was reassuringly stunning in the setting sun. Yesterday I’d seen David Mach’s version of the same scene with Noah’s Ark and the animals. I’d felt quite uncomfortable. I used to run a climate change workshop at Dynamic Earth which showed Edinburgh disappear under a flood (including comedy sharks) with only Arthur’s Seat and the Crags sticking out. This was a worst case climate change scenario, but an ark might be needed, in the future. Tonight though, it was dry. All was well.

And then I looked at the bench I was sitting on. There was something wonderful there, a wee poem about looking out over a football game and about life.

And I realised, sometimes, when things don’t go as we had planned or hoped and it’s painful we need to stop focusing on the pain and look around, there’s probably something beautiful, right there if we just look.

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