Banana me Beautiful: The Fringe Debut

11 Aug

Argggghhhh! I’m in a fringe show, why, why, WHY did I agree to it? What was I thinking? (Panic, stomach pains, sleepless nights, trouble getting out of bed…..)

That was me a week ago. But then, last Thursday I did my first show and…… LOVED IT! I had so much fun, the audience were fab (there were 20 people, although some of them were staff and others performers). And they joined in and chatted (to me, not to each other) and it was just wonderful.

I’ll tell you a bit more about the show. For those who came to my book launch, the fringe show is based on it, only shorter, sleeker and with badgers (I said badgers were a story for another day, that day has come!).

If you’re new to me, the show’s based on material from my new book, Banana me beautiful and it’s poetry, stories, a comedy horse song and lots of anecdotes and optional audience participation.

At one point you throw a giant dice to decide what comes next, here’s what your role could bring

  • The science of seismic surveying through song (hokey cokey cover)
  • Happiness defined by me age 9 (poem)
  • The story of a poor forgotten owl (story)
  • A poem about wanting to pull the cord in the disabled toilet
  • Guess my favourite bird (riddle)
  • A poem about the battle to take authority over negative thoughts

If you want to try before you buy (I don’t blame you) you can watch the live stream of the first show here, I start at 26 minutes (how fancy, Leith are loving the live action).


A man I don’t know (@shuggie88) tweeted this following the last show:

Thoroughly enjoyed Late in Leith @LeithOTfringe . Seriously guys, give it a go, it’s the place to be. @edfringe

A lady I do know (Beth Godfrey) wrote this on the facebook:

Funny, gentle, endearing, inclusive, respectful, encouraging. Musical, lyrical, playful. Wonderfully you. Well done

You can read a review about my book launch (which is similar to my show) from Helen Caldwell.

The lovely folding hand-made programme (see photo at the top too)


Here’s the programme, I even carved a banana slug into a piece of lino and printed banana multiple banana slugs to go in it, now that is effort! You’ll be given one of these and an original limited edition artwork postcard (of a depressed banana in prison) if you come along.

Other News

In the spirit of the fringe I wrote about how to stalk comedians on 12books12months and it made the STV local headlines too, happy stalking!

I’ve also done a couple of interviews recently, find out what makes me tick creatively (and why I have a love hate relationship with twitter) on the wonderful Clear Minded Creative.

Find out what inspires me as a poet on Poet on Poetry (and I was poet of the week!)

Banana me beautiful book reviews

Lastly, if you haven’t read my book yet, here’s a couple of recent reviews that may help. Firstly, an extract from the wonderful Death Rat Fanzine:

From humour, to heart wrenching to visually captivating… For anyone interested in poetry it is a must, and anyone interested in the development of a human being, it is fascinating…

Read the rest of this review in Death Rat Fanzine.

And from Sara Harkins, Executive Editor, CBeebies Scotland

‎I found it very moving and inspiring, very beautiful and very brave – many congratulations

That’s all from me, but please come and see me in the fringe:

  • Live in Leith at 9pm on Thursday 4th, 11th & 18th August (with two other live music acts for just £5). More info on facebook, it’s at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall (Leith on the Fringe). Quote Citizens of Leith for 2 for 1 tickets!
  • I’m also in a 2 day continuous poetry marathon at the Forest Cafe at 1.15am (in the early hours of the morning) on Friday 12th August, read more about it on 12book12months.
  • Or at a free Ragged Talk on Sunday 28th August at 12.45pm 

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