Three days

23 Jul

I’m between holidays, just three days in Edinburgh but these three days have been eventful. Here’s why..

The List’s Top 30

Greener Leith came 6th in the List’s top 30 Scottish websites! It was wonderful to see them there,
I volunteer for Greener Leith as a journalist and the list mentioned one of my posts about the great man John Muir and an Art Eco Lab to explore his legacy. Ally Tibbitt has done a fantastic job in setting up Greener Leith, he’s won a string of awards for the site and he writes for the blog like me, as a volunteer. As well as being somewhat of a techincal/social media genius, he has a good sense of humour which makes working for Greener Leith all the more enjoyable, they’re need more volunteers to so please get in touch if you are creative and have time to contribute.

Clear Minded Creative

Another top website mentioned in the list’s list is the brilliant Clear Minded Creative from Milo McLaughlin.
He’s helping creative people to focus and find what they want to do. He’s also doing a series of interviews with creative people and I’m totally honoured to have been asked to do the next one. I’ve been trying my best to answer all his questions honestly but without too much waffel! The interview will come out there soon (they’re challenging questions, you know if a question is good when the process of answering something leads you to learn something new!)

Poet on Poetry

Poet on Poetry have asked me to be their poet of the week! This is so exciting, again I’m honoured. So far they’ve asked me to send them a biography and some poems, I sent that all yesterday and I’m now awaiting their questions…

The Fringe

Yesterday I confirmed my slot in Leith on the Fringe. I’ll be on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Thursday in August doing a 20 minute Bananan me beautiful spoken word slot as part of Live in Leith. This is an exciting prospect for me! I accidently ate half a big bar of milka yesterday in panic but have since calmed down and have had some great advice from Elspeth MurrayEdd McCracken and Michael Macleod. They were at my book launch and are seasoned fringe experts. If you were at the launch, please let me know what you enjoyed, it will help me to plan my 20 minute slot. I’m also delighted that Leith on the Fringe will sell Banana me beautiful merchandise in their shop. There’s a whole bunch of great fringe going on at the Out of the Blue drill hall for Leith on the Fringe.

Ragged Talk

Yesterday I spent an enjoyable few hours on the company of Alex Dunelin, director of Ragged University. I heard more about social capital, cooperative learning and the ragged project. I’m excited to be part of a programme of ragged talks in the fringe, my ragged talk is on 27th August and will be about writing.

Tree of Life

This morning I had the pleasure of chatting to Elspeth Murray, a lady I very much admire, a poet and the writer of my favourite fringe show (I see it every year) The Man Who Planted Trees. As well as giving me some advice on my fringe slot (thanks Elspeth) she invited me to join her on a poetry project, ‘Tree of Life’. We’ll be working with groups in West Lothian to facilitate poetry writing and positive mental health.

Scottish Poetry Library Podcast

Really, really excited to have been asked to go on the Sottish Poetry Library podcast when I’m back from Taner Mor! Was lovely to meet Colin Fraser and Peggy Hughes at my book launch, here’s a photo of them.  It’s been great to hear from them by email since.

Speygrian: Tanera Mor

Tomorrow I’m off to a remote Sottish Island with a bunch of artists, scientists, writers and educators for a Speygrian Wild Connections course. It aims to help you slow down and find creative direction. I wrote about the last Speygrian weekend for their website. The post brought lots of traffic to the site, mostly because I wrote about Sir Ken Robinson‘s book ‘The Element’ and Sir Ken himself tweeted it to his 50,000 followers saying he enjoyed it. And then the lovely Michael Macleod featured it in the Edinburgh Guardian so thanks to Sir Ken and Michael, Speygrian have provided me a free place on this course and it has a kit list (the best trips have kit lists) to say thank you. I’ll be planning my fringe show while I’m there and editing a new Greenerleith Zero Waste podcast (the joy of poo and real nappies). I’ll also be resting, walking and siping whisky. And trying not to freak out or run away (life seems a little scary just now)

Coming soon on this blog…

Laslty, I have so many posts I want to write, my head is churning them out at an alarming rate, usually in the middle of the night but I’m not able to keep up and type them. Future posts I’m planning / have half written in my head include: The perfect Notebook, Comedian stalking at the fringe, John Muir I love you, Bubble Bobble on the NES I love you, Podcasting: Sound doesn’t bite, Poo or False, So you think you can dance?, Science on the sofa and few more….

Yes I know good blogs have a theme and this may seem a random mix of unrelated ramblings but I just want to write about these things so I’m going to. And I hope you’ll stick around to read them.

That’s all from me, I hope to hear from you soon…


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3 responses to “Three days

  1. FruitlessWork

    July 29, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    I’m not surprised you have so much going on in your head at night when you’re contending with all that! Offering you congratulations on your continued success is, of course, a given. What I have to comment on is your abysmal failure to eat the ENTIRE bar of Milka. That’s certainly what I managed to achieve the other day, and it was the sort with pieces of Daim bar in!

    Best wishes,

    • auntyemily

      July 31, 2011 at 8:02 pm

      Aw, thanks Paul. There was only half a bar left (well more like three quarters) so I would have eaten more if I could, I finished it off (: Was so good


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